Maruccia Elixir

Maruccia Elixir

Oct 11, 2022Frank Maruccia

"Get the taste of the island" : Maruccia Elixir brings the island into the bottle

Frank Maruccia the developer of the elixir
from Bodega Maruccia in Mallorca

“Maruccia Elixir on the rocks rocks”

Anyone who thinks of liqueur products from the 80s should change their minds. Maruccia Elixir is something completely new. A lot of good stuff from the island is used for the elixir, which is really fun to drink. Blossoms, plants, spices, herbs and oranges. Anyone who thinks of the well-known Italians or the antler-oriented Germans when it comes to herbal liqueur should also change their minds. Maruccia Elixir is different and special.

Maruccia Elixir goes neat on the rocks or as an aperitif, digestif or cocktail. But he is always one thing: different and independent.

History of the Elixir

The island of Mallorca is special and has its very own smell. Anyone who is often on the island knows this typical smell. Frank Maruccia has been in Mallorca since 2007 and is a successful entrepreneur and passionate winemaker. As a half-Italian, he has always lacked an island-specific “Amaro”. Mallorca offers a variety of liquors but lacked a liquor that reflects the island.

His special liqueur from Mallorca has 30% alcohol and is made from selected natural ingredients and oranges. A soft and velvety liqueur that is second to none and with everything that characterizes the island: including almond blossoms, oranges, mint, lemon balm. Very smooth in the mouth and less alcohol based. The natural ingredients and oranges bring the island of Mallorca into the bottle.

Frank worked on the recipe for almost two years to make the mixture a special experience. He mainly uses ingredients that come from our island. In preparing his elixir, balance with island produce was very important.

His elixir is significantly less viscous than the other related liqueurs because it contains less sugar.

The result is a great and smooth liqueur that reflects our beautiful island.

To the Bodega Maruccia

"A liqueur that immediately flashed me!"

Juan Amador - 3 Michelin stars
Restaurant Amador, Vienna

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